Nyan Cat Birthday

Far far away in the galaxy...
Nyan Cat fought so long with Eve.L.Ragon
that he forgot his own birthday.

Now he is late and his friends are waiting
for him on the other side of the planet.

Quick! Go join them!

You only need to make jump Nyan
> press arrow UP (⇑) to start and to jump.

Nyan Cat Birthday

Nyan succeed in escaping from the Eve.L.Ragon's lair.
Thanks to his fans, the loving ufos, Nyan is now in the snow...

Time is running out, be strong!

Nyan Cat Birthday

Yey! Now Nyan is almost there for his birthday!
The magic donut was a great help to him...

But, unfortunately, the worst is to come.
A dangerous area of mysterious giants named Edmond separates Nyan from his friends...

Be careful!